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Hi, This is Chathishwaran T.S.

Photographer + Desiger + Blogger + Creative Writer


was born in Madurai, My Genitors are TR Sathiyamoorthy and TS Susila on 18th January.Which is located south part of Tamilnadu and Renowned for Madurai Meenakshi amman temple and Thirumalai Naayak Palace. I am a photographer cum script editor. i would like to be a militant so i done my pg diploma in journalism and mass communication at mku. my mission is to make our clean india and educated india so i will be give my hand to helpless children education. i hope "one book, one child, one teacher, one pen" is enough to change the world. man is man because he has book. i am very much interested in book reading.

  • Name : ChathishwaranTS
  • Date of birth : January 18
  • Address : New 5, Sourashtra Elementary School Lane, East Gate, Madurai - 625001
  • Temp Address : #1, 2nd Floor, 6th Cross,Lakshmi Layout, Munnekolala,Marthahalli,Bangalore, Karnataka, India, 560037
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Technical Skills



  • Install and Configure
  • Web Usability
  • Content Writing
  • Grid and Layout
  • Mobile App Design
  • Sublime,Bracket
  • SEO Optimization
  • Blogging
  • Logo Design
  • Graphical Design
  • Audio Video Editing
  • Photography
  • Web Development
  • Digital Marketing


Designer and Digital Marketer - geomeoinformatics

July 2016 - Current

At GeoMeo we believe the future is a place where imagination and endless possibilites dwell. The possibilities and dreams could be made a reality when imagination meets innovation and research.

Program Manager - thegeeksevent

December 2017 - Current

Thegeeksevent is a platform to build technological awareness in tier II and tier III cities by organizing tech events such as hackathonm codelabm techtalk, and industrial Boot camp

Program Organizer - GDGMadurai

November 2016 -Current

Google developers group is a community of enthusiastic Google developers. GDG provides a vast opportunity to those who are interested in Google's developer technology; starting from android, chrome, drive, Google cloud platforms to product API's like the cast API, maps API.

Design / Videography - WebToAll

August 2015 -November 2016

WebToAll is a Madurai based web design and development company. Our philosophy centers on high-end design and the latest technologies. I have done Wire Frame for Web design and development. I am one of the part of this organization.

Co Founder - Shuttersketz

November 2016 - Current

"We Create, We take Risk, We live our Passion, We are Entrepreneurs". We won't to be a job quester, just begin Startup. We are vignette, we are Madurai base media troupe. Shuttersketz can provide Digital assets. Art is so Silent till artists pick a sketz,we are etch. Motion pick is most powerful than text, our picture make awesome when your story can weave with us.

Photography / Designer – Metoomentor

March 2015 -Current

Me2mentor platform launched in mid 2014, with the objective of giving technological opportunity to everyone, mainly focusing on young students in tier2 and tier 3 cities in India. The idea is anyone who having passionate about technology and want to pursue their career in research field can use this platform. We connect the student with mentors who inspire them, believe in their ideas and guide them. I proud I too one of the part of the Organization

Videography / Editing - Sathiyam Photos

June 2011 - Current

Sathiam Photos is Madurai based Digital Photo studio since 1972.My Dad is founder of Sathiam Photos his native place is Madurai which is Renowned for Madurai Meenakshi amman temple and Thirumalai Naayak Palace etc. He have started his career in photography from 1971 during the NON - SLR model camera. Every relationship bonding is starts from Marriage. Till now we are serving our service.


Master Degree – Computer Applications

Sept 2012 - August 2015

RVS College of Engineering & Technology- Anna University

After completed my Bachehor degree, I want to improve my profesional skills and mentoring skill so I done My MCA in Ratnavel Subramaniam College of Engineering and Technology, Dindigul

PG Diploma in Journalism and Masscommunications

Dec 2013 - Nov 2014

Madurai Kamaraj Direct Distance Education

I would like to be a militant so I have done my PG Diploma in Journalism and Masscommunication in Madurai Kamaraj University Distance Education. I realized my strenght and weekness during the practical session and I directed one short namely "Vzhithelu" which is related to Voting awarness film for my project. I hope myself develping my communication skills because of various district friends from Kerala, Jharkand, Andrapradesh, Rajastan were with their conversation.

Bachelor Degree – Computer Science

August 2009 - May 2012

Sourashtra College - Madurai Kamaraj University

During the joining period of College I want to know what are all facts machine will be done. In my subjects have little bit of coding languages but according to me thats too difficult to understand but now a day I can solve any problem with logical thinks now I perceive coding is not important, logical thinking only make a perfect solution

Schooling – TamilNadu StateBoard

September 2012 - August 2015

Sourashtra Boys Higher Secondary School

During my SSCL I missed my old friends who were studied with me from 6th to 9th schooling. Lot of confusions during my classes and examinations. Most of them are wants to scroing marks only, I am consious in examination but disoriented in Answer sheets. I realized scoring mark is not a matter, Gaining Knowledge is most important.

My dream is yet not being true


VITHAI - Every one should have rights to get Free Education

My mission is to make our Clean India and Educated India so I will be give my hand to helpless children Education. So I started "VITHAI" which is helping organization with my RVS friends. But Yet not processing, so that I need to improve my management skills. I hope "One Book, One Pen, One Children, One Teacher" is enough to change the world".I am very much interested in teaching profession. In future I will start education trust fully in free of cost. The true purpose of Education is to make good human , not careers.


Web Design

If you think MATH is hard, try Web Design. I can create every design through small business marketing research, SEO and development centred around your business needs.

Video Editing

Editing is like killing you story and then very slowly bringing it back to life Lives are structured by the memories. It feels good when you throwback your sophisticated event as a film.

Graphic Design

Designing is simple thats why it is too complicated. Design is something that reveals about the fairy tale stories. I have a charmed little world of design it will take people to the reality world.


I hope photography is self intermediate between our Eye and Shutter. I can help you to give wonderful lingering memorized thinks as a digital asset.

Content Writing

Good Website Design is about the character of the content, not the character of the designer. Each and every word should be sophisticated to read as mind


Education is most powerful weapon in the World. In our India education is treated as business. We should give a free of education to all but I think thats not possible from our government so I can share my Knowleadge to my helpless friends and can help for their education


Tamil (R,W,S)
Sourashtra (S)
Hindi (R,W)
English (R,W,S)

My Freeing

  • I directed one short film namely "Vizhithelu" which is related to Voting awareness film for my PGDJMC project in Madurai Kamaraj University Distance Education during my PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass communication course Practical session. I won best film award and Appreciated for important and good awareness with my team

    Best Film and Title - Madurai Kamaraj UniversityDirect Distance Education

  • Worked as a cinematographer in 5 short films as Cinematographer won First and Best film award for Alachiyam short film in Thiagarajar School of Management (TSM) on 2011 at Short Film Competition.

    Best Film -Thiagarajar School of Management

  • Organized technovation 2016 Madurai Regional Pitch in Tamilnadu Chamber of Commerce on 1st May 2016 and won shuttersketz is best media troupe. I am really proud one of the performer in shuttersketz as photographer and editor

    Best Media Troupe -Technovation Madurai 2016

  • Won NCC Army 'A' grade Certificate in School day on 2006

    National Cadet Corps -Army
I am Photographer / Designer / Blogger


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